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The web is a magical place and we help to use it better, whether it is outlining strategies, creating effective websites, developing web apps or helping you learn what is new.

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Three Focus Areas

Our services are built around these three focus areas, which we work around on all projects.


Before setting out to create something, a strategy helps you deliver and secure the long term results. Many web projects aren't successful before they lack a long term plan. Let yours be better.

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Turning a strategy, vision or idea into a well-functioning product is an art form in itself. You want your web project to succeed, right? Let us help you make it successful both in the short and long term.

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A vital component is education. If nobody knows how to use something, how do you expect it to succeed? Let us help you with your internal education in a clear and pedagocial way.

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Trusted by Clients Worldwide

From small businesses to big organizations, clients around the world entrust us with their web projects.

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Bernskiold Media has been the only company that we have worked with and have searched for (for years) that has met our demands and proven to be our one-stop shop for everything related to our internet presence and communication savvy. Sheree Kearns, Kearns Brothers

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In our blog we write about all aspects of a successful web. Read about strategy, analysis, business, marketing and much more.

#blogg100 – Let’s do this!

The past few years, we have here in Sweden had an initiative called #blogg100 (yes, we spell blog with two g’s). This is something you enroll in, with the goal of blogging for 100 consecutive days. Why would you want to do this I hear you ask? Simply to get better at writing and start […]

Welcome to the new website!

It has been a long time coming. As client projects have taken the front-focus, building this website has not. Recently, I have been feeling the urge to share more and as the new business plans shift into motion this year (more about that later), this site is the ideal place to start blogging more. Apart […]