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När skall jag skicka mitt nyhetsbrev?

Nyhetsbrev är fortfarande en av de mest effektiva sätten att kommunicera med kunder. Varför? Jo, för att du i ett nyhetsbrev enbart skickar information till folk som har valt att få din kommunikation. De är redan intresserade. Ditt nyhetsbrev kan dock bli olika effektivt beroende på när i veckan och vilken tid på dagen du skickar det.

Genom att analysera hur effektiva dina nyhetsbrev är för dig, om du skickar på olika tider kan du själv komma fram till när i veckan, och vilken tid på dagen som är bäst för dig. Det kan dock vara skönt att ha någonstans att börja. Läs vidare »


Google To Differentiate Mobile Friendly Websites in Search Results

Google has announced that they are now going to be showing in search results whether a website is accessible or your device or not. Fear not, the change isn’t as wide as indicating whether you have a mobile friendly design or not (at least not yet), but will for example detect websites that rely heavily on Flash and let users know that these may not work.

While some will argue that this is a step too far from Google, this is quite a good thing for users who upon clicking on these websites would not be able to use them anyhow.

Should I be on all social networks?

Usually in a website development project there comes a time to choose which sharing buttons to display (if any) and for many, this is also the time where they review which social media channels they are on. Slightly surprisingly, many decide to go all-in. Let me explain why this might be bad.

Case: Small Business

Let’s look at this from the point of view of a small business or freelancer. For bigger business, things are slightly more complex. Your most limited thing as a small business owner is your time. Chances are you are already doing administration, marketing, business development and more aside from your actually area of business. Daily, you struggle to fit everything you should be doing into your calendar.

Time is limited

Time is where an “all-in strategy” fails completely and is also the best argument why you should not attempt to be on all social networks simply because they exist. No customer is going to thank you for just having an account and making the spontaneous post. No following is going to come from this—quite the opposite. Läs vidare »


Speaking at WordCamp Norrköping

Next week I have been invited to speak at WordCamp Norrköping. WordCamp’s are independently run, but official, WordPress conferences put on around the world and I think it is great that we have on here in Sweden again and in a smaller city.

I will be talking on the topic of translation and localization, touching on best practices and lessons: As a website owner in a country where english is not the primary language, you quickly find the need to translate your website into, at the very least, English. What options are available to us for translating website and how should we go think and go about the process? This, as well as practical lessons showing some common difficulties and solutions will be the focus of this session.

The session, which will be in english, will be streamed live if you purchase a streaming pass on their website which is good for the entire conference day. Later, the sessions will be published and made available on WordPress.tv.


WebCoast 2014: Mätning av webb och digitala kampanjer

My second session at this year’s WebCoast here in Gothenburg was all about analytics. In the session, which was held in Swedish, I covered analytics and how we can measure web and digital campaigns to help them become successful. We talked about key metrics to understand, touched on what tools (such as Google Analytics) can be used and tied it all together by integrating social media marketing analysis to create a better analytics mix.

I know it was recorded and this post will be updated with the recording once it is available online, but until then you can find the slides below. Thanks to everyone who came out to the session! Läs vidare »


From WebCoast: Skapa Världens Bästa E-Handel

Today I have been speaking at WebCoast and holding a four-hour workshop on how to create the world’s best E-Commerce. During the workshop I covered a complete business view, starting with crafting a business idea and making sure it is sustainable, going over technical challenges which are very E-Commerce centric, talking about logistics and payment services.

After the more technically and tactically oriented part, we moved on through both a long term and a short term marketing and business development aspect by looking at common marketing techniques and also at globalization and cultures.

Fortunately, the session was streamed live on Internetworld (one of the biggest magazines for the internet industry in Sweden) and can be watched recorded below together with the slides.

Watch the recording

See the slides


How to Correctly Interpret Cart Abandonment Rates

There is always a discussion going on about cart abandonment rates, setting this up as a big problem from a user behavior point of view. This might however not be the case as there are other logical explanations for why users abandon shopping carts on online stores other than a poorly designed cart page. Läs vidare »


How do you plan to stand out and get your ideas to spread?

I am right now working on preparing my E-Commerce workshop for WebCoast on Friday and am going through some more great TED talks. Today I want to turn your attention to one by the excellent Seth Godin who talks about “How to get your ideas to spread”.

Understanding how we as humans function and respond to new things are necessary to be able to successfully get your ideas to spread. Watch Seth’s highly insightful talk which tangents business and marketing strategies and leaves you with some interesting strategies to try yourself in your business. Läs vidare »


CodeKit 2 Available With Great Improvements

One of the best tools in my toolkit for working with SASS/LESS and combining JavaScript files (and more) is CodeKit. Just at the end of last week, the app was updated to a version 2.0 which adds some serious improvements over the previous version

In the new version, things such as built-in Bower support with thousands of components, better compilation and auto-refresh support have been added. This does make life quite a bit nicer when it comes to working with assets, especially with the new Bower support.

The new CodeKit version is very nice and after having worked with it for a few days now, I consider this both a must-have (like the previous version) and an easy upgrade at just $29.