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My Upcoming Sessions At WebCoast Next Week

Next week will see another edition of WebCoast, an unconference about web and digital communication here in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are responsible for having built the conference website (in collaboration with VimleWebb) and you will be able to find me on the schedule hopefully a few times during the weekend.

Workshop: Create the World’s Best E-Commerce

On Friday next week, the conference has a pre-con day with a workshop track. I will be holding a workshop on the e-commerce topic where I during four hours will be talking about how to create the best e-commerce website. The workshop will cover everything from the technical website aspect through to logistics, payments on to the business and marketing side both long and short term.

If you have a conference ticket (priced at just 1337 SEK) please do join me for the workshop which is included. I look forward to seeing you there! Läs vidare »


Interpreting Website Statistics: Embracing Perspective

Analytics can be tricky to understand. Commonly, people want a clear decision rule. We want to know what is good and what is bad. This is, for better of worse, not possible without a perspective. In this post, I am going to explain how to put web analytics into the perspective of your whole site and gain better insight as a result of it. Läs vidare »


TED Talk to Take Control Of Your 404 Pages

Error pages are for users some of the most annoying pages on a website. When you think you finally have reached that magical page which will be the answer to all your prayers you are struck with the big words: “404 – Page Not Found”.

So, there has been an error and there is little you can do about it. Unless you are a web developer of course. As developers and designers, we have a responsibility to make the user experience (UX) on our sites better. Not surprisingly even error pages can be helpful.

Today, instead of going into great detail on how you can turn those error pages from useless annoying dead-ends into useful happy gateways, I want to share a short TED talk by Renny Gleeson who covers the history of the 404 page and shares ideas on how to improve them. Läs vidare »


Specialization: A Marketing Concept To Grow Your Business

Marketing, to the uninitiated, is often brought up as a final piece of the puzzle, as something to slap on at the end when the product is developed and ready to go. This view of marketing does not do the field justice. Instead, think of marketing as a complete process that takes part during the entire product development phase, a process with an end result of selling your offering.

One of the key concepts within marketing is specialization. For many small business owners who lack the academic context of the marketing discipline, these concepts are often overlooked. In this article, I will share with you how an understanding this helps you grow your business right away. Läs vidare »


Choosing Categories and Tags On Your Blog

These days, it is still hard to launch a website without a blog and as content marketing becomes even bigger in 2014, the blog is ready to take the center stage again. One detail when blogging is that of your categories and tags and choosing them. Typically, bloggers end up with a plethora of categories, some with just a few posts in them.

In this post, I aim to guide you in choosing what to use as categories and tags. I will also share why it is important to be careful and think through your structure.

Läs vidare »


25 Tools Everyone In The Web Development Industry Should Be Using

As a web developer and designer there are a lot of tools available to make your life easier. Here, I have gathered 25 tools that make a difference in my workflow that I think you should be using too.

Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is the latest incarnation of the powerful Sublime Text editor. While it is currently in beta, it is stable enough in my opinion to run as primary editor. If you don’t want to get on the beta, Sublime Text 2 is still the supreme editor that I would highly recommend.


Regardless of whether you are billing by the hour or by the project, it is important to have an idea of how much time you spend on various tasks. Harvest makes time tracking simple and also let’s you keep track of client expenses, estimates and invoicing. With a nice UI and powerful reporting features, I think it is the best project time tracking app that I have tried for a web developer. Läs vidare »


#blogg100 – Let’s do this!

The past few years, we have here in Sweden had an initiative called #blogg100 (yes, we spell blog with two g’s). This is something you enroll in, with the goal of blogging for 100 consecutive days.

Why would you want to do this I hear you ask? Simply to get better at writing and start blogging more. Improvement attempts such as this are best done together with other people and that is partly why I think this is such an excellent idea. On that basis, I have decided to this year undertake the challenge. Läs vidare »

Welcome to the new website!

It has been a long time coming. As client projects have taken the front-focus, building this website has not. Recently, I have been feeling the urge to share more and as the new business plans shift into motion this year (more about that later), this site is the ideal place to start blogging more. Läs vidare »