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We Are Bernskiold Media,
a Full Service Boutique Digital Agency

We develop strategies, digital marketing solutions and develop web solutions to grow your business. The combination of areas means we can be your one-stop-shop for all things digital.

How We Work

Everything we do revolves around quality. Your business isn't worth anything but our best, which is why we throughout our five core areas look after your best interests. Nothing is left to chance, something we think is one of our best strengths.

Always ask why. Getting down to the root of the right problem, and making improvements is important. Thus, we might ask you why a few times more than you're used to, to make sure we deliver exactly what you need.

Businesses bring us in either to manage their entire process, or to help with a part of it. We are happy doing both. Also, we are fortunate to be working with stellar agencies around the world to provide timely expertise when they need some extra assistance.

A Global Company

Our main office is situated in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden. Our flexible team is distributed around the world and we frequently travel to meet with our clients, friends and partners.

Simply put, we are where you are, no matter where in the world and so are our clients. Geographical boundaries can be overcome by a combination of clever technology and travel. Using the best and smartest people wherever they are is what we do.

You are more than welcome to stop by our Gothenburg office for a coffee and chat. Because of our frequent travel schedule, you might want to call ahead first to make sure.

From the Managing Director

I'm glad you have found us. I founded Bernskiold Media with a goal to make the web better for everyone involved. The web is an amazing platform, allowing unrivaled communication possibilities.

We are a small, boutique agency with our client's whole business in mind. Working from a strategic starting point, we help clients from start to finish and integrates the web into their core business.

To be successful online you need a strategy, you need to understand the ways of the new digital world. Combining this with traditional marketing and business oriented thinking creates fantastic business results. However, it needs to connect fundamentally with your business. You need to know what you are doing and then do it well.

Through our long experience and through our method of planning, production and education together with our friends and partners, we offer you a complete package that sees business results both in the short and long term.


Erik Bernskiold
Managing Director

Our Business Areas

We work in five different areas to ensure your project's success. No more having to juggle five different companies. We are your your partner for all things digital.


Craft a web strategy, analyze and optimize processes, business development as well as company-wide support. We will help you take charge of your business.

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Sell more online. Web Analyics, copywriting, search engine optimization and online advertising, e-commerce and conversion optimization as well as digital strategies. Use the possibilities.

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Digital / Media

Creating gorgeous digital designs and concepts, designing intuitive user interfaces, making things accessible or even creating online video. The opportunities of digital are endless.

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Creating websites, developing custom integrations to other systems, crafting mobile solutions and giving you peace of mind with maintenance and support.

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Knowledge is power. We develop custom educational curricula for our clients, hold workshops, courses and events in a pedagogical way with in-depth knowledge.

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  • Miami Advertising Agency
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  • Bulldog Media

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Erik Bernskiold
Managing Director

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