The Agency for a Digital World

Bernskiold Media is a boutique, full-service digital agency. We work closely together with businesses for a targeted digital presence and beautiful user experiences to reach business critical goals.

The strength we bring is our broad experience. The ability to combine our expertise in business/management, communications, design and development is what sets us apart from other digital agencies.

Whether you want to build a complete website, create a mobile app, freshen up your content and product offering, run a digital campaign and build a campaign website, or something entirely different, we will go on the journey with you.

Good Communication is Key

Is the customer always right? No, we argue. But then again, who is? The most important is that the results work well for you. To get there, straight and open communication is important. Right is the person who presents a good, convincing argument for their opinion.

Putting Your Business First

When you start working with us at Bernskiold Media you might be surprised how much we engage ourselves in your business. For us, it is crucial that we understand it fully. Only then can we truly care about your entire business and create meaningful things together.

Finding the Right Solution

As your partner we want to see you succeed. The right solution to the problem isn’t always expensive and complicated solutions. It could just as well be a quick, simple and inexpensive solution that is best for the moment. We aren’t afraid to say so.

A Global Business

Our headquarters are in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. Location is, with the right digital tools and travel, never an issue.

Our flexible team is distributed around the world and we travel frequently to meet our clients, friends and partners in addition to participating at conferences and events across the world.

Simply put, we are where you are, regardless of where in the world. Geographical boundaries are conquered through good technology and travel. Using the best and smartest people where ever they are gives the best results.

You are more than welcome to stop by our offices in Stockholm or Gothenburg for a cup of coffee and a chat. We travel frequently so give us a call or send an email to make sure that we are on site.

Sustainability and Environment

Our world is fragile. Naturally we all need to pull our straws to the stack. Together with our clients we run projects all the time with demands of sustainable methods for the environment. That’s one of the foundations of digitalization.

Internally we work to reduce our environmental footprint. Transports are done as environmentally friendly as we can. Sometimes we need to catch a flight and then work to compensate the carbon emissions through different methods that we constantly evaluate.

For us, it is a necessity to require that our partners for server solutions use environmentally certified electricity. All proceeds we receive as kickbacks from various companies are donated in full to charities to improve our world and the life for the many in need.

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