Creating engaging digital experiences that deliver results.

Good digital experiences create value for your business and resonates with your customers. Today, being digital is no longer a maybe. It’s a necessity.

As your partner, we are here to help. Crafting a digital strategy can be an effective way to know how to work with the abundance of digital tools.

Then there is the on-site aspects. Creating a gorgeous website, making it effective through conversion optimization and search engine optimization. Letting customers purchase online via E-Commerce tools.

Make your website more effective through analytics and insights and bring it all together with powerful use of social media tools.

Digital experiences are important and we have the tools, and experience to help you excel.

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Erik Bernskiold

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Our Services

360 Website Analysis

How is your website doing? Let us review your SEO, Conversion, Analytics, Performance, Content and Accessibility and give you a 360 view of the state of your website.

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Advertising with Google Ads & Facebook

Paid advertising is an important part of the marketing mix and complements both content marketing and search engine optimization well. The advantage of paid advertisement is that you get traffic to your website quicker than with search engine optimization that takes longer.

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Analytics and insight

Are you doing a lot of guesswork about your customers and visitors today? Maybe it is time to take the step towards a proper data-driven business?

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Conversion & optimization

Are your website visitors satisfying your business goals? Is your website optimized to help visitors convert? Many websites look fancy but convert poorly. Maximize your website value and your investment in it by optimizing it for conversion.

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Digital Strategy

Your website is today likely only a small part of your total online presence. Digital strategy, web strategy or strategy short and sweet are tools to help ensure that your channels work together to help you deliver a seamless solution.

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E-Commerce hits new records highs every year. At the same time, customers are more demanding. Today, you need a complete experience, from first visit to delivery, to make the customer happy.

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Graphic Design

The most successful brands have a clear profile and identify visible in everything they do. Good graphic design considers the user and almost disappears. The best design is the one you never notice.

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Mobile Solutions

Our mobile devices have become the most crucial and common tools that we use every day. Everything from smartphones to tablets and even watches are always with us and assist us daily. The possibilities are almost endless.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is about creating organic traffic to your website. Visitors looking for the products and services you offer. SEO is not just about being visible at the top, first in the results list on Google, but about so much more.

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Social Media

Communicating with customers builds valuable relationships. On social media, it is simpler than ever to keep in close touch with your customers. Without a strategy behind, it can easily go awry, however.

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Creating professional and effective websites requires an eye for details. Many customers hire us for web development. We craft modern and user-oriented websites, often in WordPress, to help our customers be more successful online.

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