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#blogg100 – Let’s do this!

The past few years, we have here in Sweden had an initiative called #blogg100 (yes, we spell blog with two g’s). This is something you enroll in, with the goal of blogging for 100 consecutive days.

Why would you want to do this I hear you ask? Simply to get better at writing and start blogging more. Improvement attempts such as this are best done together with other people and that is partly why I think this is such an excellent idea. On that basis, I have decided to this year undertake the challenge.

What will I be writing about?

Blogging here on Bernskiold Media will mean an assortment of topics on web strategy, marketing and business—our core areas. I cannot promise an in-depth article every day, so occasionally there will be some great videos and inspirational material to mix things up a bit.

I hope you will be following my #blogg100 efforts this year and let’s pray that come June 8th, I will be concluding a successful series.

Should there be anything you want me to write about, just leave a comment. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome. After all, I am writing for you and I have one hundred days to fill with content.

Want to join?

While this is originally a swedish initiative, I see no reason why you too can’t participate and help make it worldwide. To do it together with, at the time of writing, around 300 other swedish bloggers, start today and see what happens!