Bespoke WooCommerce Shipping Module for Xwine

Custom WordPress & WooCommerce shipping module development.

The Challenge

Xwine delivers wines right to their customers’ doors in Sweden. To enhance the customer delivery experience, they partnered with a new logistics partner, Best Transport, offering at-home deliveries in a narrow window that the customer can select on order.

Xwine is using the popular WooCommerce E-Commerce platform, and no integration for Best Transport was available that also integrated with Klarna Checkout. We helped them build one.

The Solution

While WooCommerce’s own checkout process is pretty easy to customize, it doesn’t have native support for additional checkout options, such as what day and time a delivery is to be made.

To add to the complexity, Xwine is using Klarna Checkout, an external checkout experience. While it offers a great user experience, it means two systems to talk to.

We ended up creating a fully bespoke module that integrates into the WooCommerce and Klarna Checkout experience seamlessly.

Depending on the postal code that the customer enters in Klarna Checkout, the system checks to see which shipping methods are available.

If the customer is eligible for delivery with Best Transport, they are given the option of selecting their own date. This is then stored with the order. For the customer, the date selector is indistinguishable from the Klarna Checkout flow.

The Results

The resulting checkout experience for Xwine was much improved with the new checkout solution. Customers also love being able to select their delivery time, and be able to receive their products right at the door. For Xwine, this ultimately means happier customers.

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