Camping Key Europe

Camping Key Europe required a modern website with support for displaying 3000+ campsites in 10+ languages.

Camping Key Europe came to us with a tough request. They wanted to renew their website with new information and a brand new campsite listings functionality in time for the high-season. The problem? That was in just two weeks time. We do love a challenge!

Beautiful, modern responsive design

First of all, we set out to create a gorgeous modern design. Information about camping and campsites are best done visually. Seeing is believing, and so, the new website has ample space for beautiful imagery from around Europe. Not only is this beautiful, but brings all the European countries together as well. Two powerful and important goals.

Our previous analysis shows that over 50% of the visitors for Camping Key Europe browse the site on mobile. This is more common than not today, and especially on this type of site, this is completely in line with expectations.

All web design today is responsive, and the new design for Camping Key Europe is of course no exception.

Powerful campsite functionality with 3 000+ items via external API

Apart from designing beautiful pages for the content about the Camping Key Europe card and benefits, the most important feature of the site is letting visitors browse and find campsites in Europe. With an external database of over 3 000 campsites to display, we needed to use the API to create a robust filtering method so that users can find what they are looking for.

Being bound by the data that exists is always the challenge, but the end result is a flexible search solution that lets visitors easily find and visualize campsites, helping them plan their trips.

Offering 10+ languages for visitors

Because Camping Key Europe is formed by the leading camping organizations in countries in Europe, the site needs to be multilingual. Visitors may select their favorite language of over 10 different ones.

This of course requires a stable technical solution together with good editorial workflows. To illustrate it simply, there is no more “just adding something” on a site with this many languages. Just changing a sentence requires 10 edits, in as many languages.

Project Management for App Development

Alongside the web project, Camping Key Europe was developing a native app for Android and iOS to allow cardholders to search for campsites in their phones. However, the deadline was approaching too fast and the project had gotten into a bit of a mess. We were asked to take over the project management of the app to help get it back on track.

Our primary objective was to get the app launched as soon as possible, while still not skimping on quality. It was the combination of our business, UX, technical and design knowledge that made us able to turn this project around and get all parties involved working together for a swift release.

Being only a few weeks behind the original launch date, we managed to help Camping Key Europe turn what could have been a fiasco into a success.

Launch Date
June 2016
Camping Key Europe
Who are Camping Key Europe?
Camping Key Europe is an organization made up by european camping organization to promote and offer the Camping Key Europe card, making camping more convenient around Europe.

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