Digital Strategy and Multilingual Website for Oderland

The Challenge

Oderland came to us as one of the leaders in the industry. However, they felt their website no longer matched their position as one of Sweden’s leading premium web hosting providers.

With great growth, their development team had to focus their efforts on products and internal systems. They needed us to help with a new website, and to advise on digital strategy and business development.

The Solution

Given their position as one of the best WordPress hosts in Sweden, it wasn’t a hard decision to power their website on WordPress.

We wanted to deliver a website that not only looked great and converted well, but was easy for the team to keep updated. The simpler the website is to update, the more often it’ll be updated. And that creates value for an organization.

With the new page editing experience (Gutenberg) we were able to build a series of bespoke blocks. Editing pages in WordPress has never been nicer. Instantly, the editor sees how the page is going to look, with inline editing.

An added benefit is how performant pages are. Instead of hundreds of calls to the database, only a few are made per page. This, and their own infrastructure of course, is what allowed us to launch perhaps the quickest hosting website in Sweden.

For us, and the team at Oderland, eating their own dog food has been an important driver. They are all about delivering quick, stable and trustworthy hosting to their customers. So their own website needs to lead the way.

Additionally, Oderland asked us to help go multilingual. Previously they only had a Swedish website, but want to be able to reach customers in the whole Nordic region. En English version was necessary.

After years of great growth, Oderland also asked us to think about the packaging and presentation of their services. Through a series of workshops and research, we settled on improved naming and grouping of services which in themselves needed no change.

Oderland really trusted us in the build of their new website, letting us be responsible for everything. From strategy, to design, development and copywriting for two languages. We’re happy to be able to help them move forward.

The Results

Thanks to close, and great collaboration with the Oderland team, we were able to launch a great new website. Not only is it one of the fastest in its category, it closely mirrors the modern company Oderland is.

The new structure is clear and intuitive. Visitors are able to easily find relevant information. Editors too know where to put things as the site and company continuous to evolve and grow.

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