Staples Connect

For Staples Connect we created a brand new corporate website to focus on conversion.

Staples Connect is a Swedish IT-services company, acquired by Staples last year for their unique “IT Online” service. With their new parent company, Staples Connect is in growth mode and had outgrown their previous website which had been developed on a purchased WordPress theme some years ago.

Refreshed Content Structure

Apart from the looks, the problem with the old website was that it was somewhat tricky to navigate. It simply did not sell the services very convincingly. However, the structure was pretty solid and user friendly. We refreshed the structure, basing it on their four core business areas.

The core areas were given specific landing pages that were designed to give a quick overview into all of the different services available in the given area. Our goal is to inspire visitors into finding out what they might not know they need by scanning the overview page. At the same time, the avid visitor can easily find a specific service and go directly to it.

Beautiful Mobile Friendly Design

What is most notable about the new website is that it features a gorgeous mobile friendly design. Using the striking red key color of Staples Connect, we have created a design that is both modern and flexible. Flexibility is key in being able to describe the various services offered.

To make it easy for Staples Connect to update and maintain their website themselves, we designed a state of the art workflow based on the easy to use WordPress structure, which powers the website. Our goal is to make pages easily maintained and ensuring that it is easy to keep the beautiful design, and allowing for technical future-proofing.

Launch Date
February 2016
Staples Connect
Who are Staples Connect?
Staples Connect is a Swedish IT-services company, acquired by Staples last year for their unique “IT Online” service.

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