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Postal Address
Bernskiold Media AB
Holländargatan 22
113 59 Stockholm

Erik Bernskiold
Managing Director

+46 31 10 20 11

Our Offices

Our main offices are located in the city center of beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. In Gothenburg we are in the middle of the city too at the hub that is The Entrepreneur Street, a vibrant, creative atmosphere filled with small businesses.

You are welcome to come by for a chat, or a cup of coffee. Drop us a note before though to make sure that we aren’t out and about.

Stockholm (HQ)
Bernskiold Media AB
Holländargatan 22
113 59 Stockholm
Bernskiold Media AB
Kungsgatan 4
411 19 Gothenburg

A Global Company

Our main office is situated in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. Our flexible team is distributed around the world and we frequently travel to meet with our clients, friends and partners.

Simply put, we are where you are, no matter where in the world and so are our clients. Geographical boundaries can be overcome by a combination of clever technology and travel. Using the best and smartest people wherever they are is what we do.

You are more than welcome to stop by our Stockholm or Gothenburg offices for a coffee and chat. Because of our frequent travel schedule, you might want to call ahead first to make sure.