Mobile is miles ahead – are we falling behind?

We live in denial. All the way back in 2015 (!) Google announced that in some markets, more searches were being made on mobile than on desktop. That Google then this year is rapidly rolling out its mobile first indexing should come as no surprise.

As with any rapid behavioral shift, it is sometimes hard to grasp. Maybe you, like me, use your computer a lot more than your mobile. Looking at yourself instead of your customer base can be detrimental.

What we are seeing is mobile that’s now miles ahead. A few key, interesting things to note and consider:

  • More searches are made on mobile than on desktop. Are your ads’ landing pages up to par or are you wasting valuable dollars?
  • The average consumer spends 82% of their smartphone time (around 60 hours per month) using apps. Just 10% is spent in browsers. Where are you spending your ad budget?
  • Conversion rates are generally much lower on mobile devices. Is your mobile experience on par with the desktop experience? Most aren’t and that leaves money on the table for a smart competitor.

At the office, we are living in denial about the importance of computers. Outside of work, most people don’t need to use a computer. Tablets, if not even just a mobile device, does the trick for a majority of people.

So, where are we seeing mobile headed in the near future?

  • Apps will continue to be important and be part of the consumer’s lifestyle. The brand matters.
  • Greater integration between apps, e-commerce and social platforms is inevitable. Don’t wait too long to jump on the bandwagon.
  • Speed and experience for mobile browsing is crucial. Most sites aren’t up to scratch here today which creates opportunities for savvy businesses.
  • Leveraging micro moments when a consumer instinctively reaches for their smartphone can be critical.
  • Mobile payments and its digital successors will inevitably take over credit cards.

We’ve been living in denial. Businesses and brands have been slow in truly adopting mobile. The good news is there is still good time to get in there before you’re at the back behind everyone else.

This post originally was sent as the november edition of our insights newsletter to our clients. Sent once a month, it gives our clients the condensed, key insights that they need in digital marketing.

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