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Advertising with Google Ads & Facebook

Paid advertising is an important part of the marketing mix and complements content marketing and search engine optimization well. We help you with profitable ad campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook, as well as with:

  • Search keyword analysis
  • Set up of ad campaigns
  • Improve profitability
  • Continuous optimization
  • Implementation of Google Shopping

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Advertising with Google AdWords & Facebook

Paid advertising is an important part of the marketing mix and complements both content marketing and search engine optimization well. The advantage of paid advertisement is that you get traffic to your website quicker than with search engine optimization that takes longer.

Advertise through Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the largest ad network on the internet, showing ads on Google and in its network.

Google knows a lot about you as a visitor and has a tremendous reach. Therefore, it is easy to create both large as well as targeted ad campaigns.

We help you create, manage and maintain ads through Google AdWords. A good campaign is not static. Based on how visitors interact with the ad we can optimize both text and target audience. Making the ad better and better. Customers increase and costs per click decreases.

Remarketing Lures Customers Back

A highly efficient form of advertising is remarketing. Here we target ads to people who have been to your website before, but not converted. It could be targeted ads for the product they almost bought, or even special offers.

The advantage is that the target audience is already interested and ready to purchase. Through remarketing you may lure back a visitor who was interested, moved on and maybe just forgot to complete the purchase.

Targeted Advertising on Facebook

Few platforms have such a wealth of personal information as Facebook. For advertising, this is a gold mine. On Facebook we easily target ads to narrow audiences. You may even upload e-mail lists and target ads to specific people.

Considering how much time an average person spends on Facebook, it is no wonder that advertising on Facebook can be quite lucrative.

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