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Analytics and insights

How much are you guessing about your customers and site visitors today? Maybe it is time to take a step towards a properly data-driven workflow? We’ll help you with:

  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Google Tag Manager implementation
  • E-Commerce tracking
  • Goal and event analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis

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Analytics and Insight

Are you doing a lot of guesswork about your customers and visitors today? Maybe it is time to take the step towards a proper data-driven business? We are here to help from data collection to the analysis.

Web Analytics

By visualizing your website's visitors and their behaviors, we can learn that works well and what needs changing.

For example, we can through web analytics learn what creates the most traffic to your website, which campaigns are most effective, which of your website pages are the most visited, why more visitors don’t convert, and much more.

Wen assist you with everything from installation and configuration for the data collection, to reporting and analytics. So that you can embrace data driven business methods efficiently.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the free tool that analyzes almost the entire web. You can easily see and analyze from where your visitors come, what they are doing on your website, how they convert, and much more.

Google Tag Manager

Do you need to do A/B-tests or continuously work with different tracking and marketing solutions? Then Google Tag Manager is a perfect fit. It lets you easily add and customize ad and conversion tracking codes from for example Facebook and Google.

Web Analytics Education

Do you want to strengthen your knowledge in web analytics and be able to work in an even more data driven way? Let us help you on your way with tailored programs where we explain and show how you best work given your situation.

Data Visualization

With a practical and stylish overview of relevant KPIs, it is easy to see how you are doing in relation to your goals. It is as engaging for the team as practical for the management.

We help you create bespoke dashboards with integrations and data that you need the most.

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