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Conversion and optimization

Are the visitors on your website useful? Is your website optimized for the visitors to convert? Many websites look good, but convert badly. Maximize the benefit of your website and your investment in it by optimizing it for conversion.

We help you with among other things:

  • Data driven analysis of conversion
  • Prioritizing actions to take
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Agile optimization processes

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Conversion & optimization

Are your website visitors satisfying your business goals? Is your website optimized to help visitors convert? Many websites look fancy but convert poorly. Maximize your website value and your investment in it by optimizing it for conversion.

Evaluating Your Website Conversion

Where are your visitors closing your website? Why aren't more proceeding, getting in touch or purchasing? We can help you find out.

By evaluating your website’s conversion, we identify problem areas and create a plan for improvement and solution.

Some issues are small and can fixed quickly right away. Some are larger but still crucial. Others might need testing to figure out the optimal solution.

Data Driven Analysis for Real Results

All our analysis is driven in part by behavioral science, but primarily by data. We use Google Analytics and a similar suite of services for web analytics to find out how your website is feeling and where the issues are.

Through our approach, we need to make less tricky assumptions and can spend more time fixing the issues.

Prioritizing the Issues

Now you are wondering: “How am I going to know what to do first?”. That’s a question we answer too, of course.

We prioritize all issues against several factors, such as how quick is the fix and how crucial is it to the business. The right priority means you can spend time, energy and invest money in the right things.

Conversion Optimization For Your Needs

We immerse ourselves and dig down deeply in your website to the extent that you need.

For some clients we have done analysis of specific landing pages. Others have wanted to optimize the purchasing flow, such as shopping cart and checkout. Still others have wanted to review the full picture with a total conversion optimization of the entire website.

The Future is a Joint Discussion

When we have completed our analysis of the conversion of your website, we meet together to review what we have found.

Here, we explain where the issues are and which are most critical. It is important that you understand in order to get the most out of the analysis. If you then want to proceed with the changes yourself, or want our help, that’s the next question.

Conversion Optimization Through Better Design

When you know what you want and if you have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) we can help you optimize your website for them.

Through user interface and experience design (UX Design) with both the user and behavioral science in focus, we create conversion optimized interfaces. Our ambition is that all our design is both beautiful and effective.

Concepts from us are based on the reality as seen by your data, combined with what research supports. We know a lot about how humans work. That knowledge, together with the knowledge of how we make decisions, we exploit to help you sell more.

Test, changes, test etc.

How do we know if something is working or not? The best way is to let users test. We conduct user tests on design concepts to optimize the experience for the user.

Isn’t it better to find weaknesses in your offer before you present it to the whole world? When we have learnt from user feedback, it is time to launch. And here starts the fun.

Through an ongoing, iterative and agile development methodology, we repeat test and changes to improve the design and offer. In that way, you maximize your investment and get the most out of your website.

What sets a website optimized for conversion apart?

Watch a lecture given by our managing director, Erik Bernskiöld on what websites that are optimized for conversion have in common and learn the basics of conversion optimization. For free!

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