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Digital Strategy

Your website today is likely just a small part of your total digital presence. Digital strategy, webb strategy or just strategy in short help you make sure that your digital channels work together and help you deliver a seamless solution.

  • Use digital tools in all channels
  • Improve efficiency in your business with digital tools
  • Strong anchoring to your business model
  • Creating a sustainable and effective strategy

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Digital Strategy

Your website is today likely only a small part of your total online presence. Digital strategy, web strategy or strategy short and sweet are tools to help ensure that your channels work together to help you deliver a seamless solution.

You Are In Expert In Your Business

A condition for effective strategy work is deep knowledge of both industry and business. Where are we now? Which opportunities do we have? What are the challenges? Where do you want to be?

Together with you, we anchor our work in business goals and available resources, such as time, money and infrastructure. Our solutions perform and work in your practical, day-to-day work.

A Doable Digital Strategy

We aren’t just an agency doing digital strategy. Your digital strategy should, of course, be doable on a tactical level. Technical solutions such as integrations and web development coexist with design and UX work.

Even if you want to bring in another partner to realize your whole digital strategy, or just parts of it, you know it is created with tactical and practical considerations.

Delivering Seamlessly in All Digital Channels

The digital world is interconnected with the physical and the amount of digital channels have never been more. That is why your digital strategy needs to span across multiple channels that are most effective for you. In this way, we create the opportunities for digital experiences that help you.

Unique Cases, Similar Driving Forces

You business is, of course, unique with its own special conditions. Humans and our needs and the ways we act, however, are constant. Our skills and experiences help us develop, establish and secure an effective strategy.

Our Process for Customer Focused Digital Strategy

Customers are starting point of our digital strategy work. First when we understand the customer can we craft a strategy around how to take care of the customer regardless of the channel. Maybe even with services that don’t yet exist today?

1. Situation Assessment

First and foremost, we need to understand your current situation. Why are we doing the digital strategy work? Which are the challenges? The goals? Together we map our the current situation and create a plan.

2. Research and Analysis

Often we can analyze customers’ current behavior through web analysis. Together with other tools we seek to understand customers and their factual needs.

3. Formulate the Digital Strategy

Supported by your business goals which we visualize through hypotheses and scenarios, we together choose a path forward. Here we formulate a digital strategy consisting of insights, guidelines and an action plan.

4. Implementation

Your digital strategy is nothing if it just stays on paper. The devil is in the details, as they say. We work in an iterative, customer-focused process where usability is a top priority.

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