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E-commerce is setting new records every year. At the same time customers get picker. Today you need a complete experience from first visit to delivery to make the customer happy. We help you with:

  • Creating converting e-commerce websites
  • WooCommerce
  • Omni Channel solutions
  • Integrations with third party systems (logistics, accounting etc)
  • Advice and strategy from marketing to purchase and customer satisfaction

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E-Commerce hits new records highs every year. At the same time, customers are more demanding. Today, you need a complete experience, from first visit to delivery, to make the customer happy.

E-Commerce Websites that Convert

The cornerstone of a well-functioning E-Commerce the website. Because the solution is the most important you have you need proven, industry-leading solutions such as ones from WooCommerece, Magento or inRiver.

In everything from design to technology you require high standard and performance, created with conversion in mind and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Omni Channel

When E-Commerce expands, physical stores and the internet are being connected. Customers expect you to be there and are able to handle orders and issues no matter the channel they are in. That your E-Commerce solution helps you in your omni channel strategy is therefore critical.

System Integration

E-Commerce is truly efficient when automatic integrations are in place against business operations, logistics, payment and book keeping. Risk for human error and unhappy customers is thereby minimized. At the same time, you save valuable time in reducing manual processing. With the often low margins in E-Commerce, automatic integrations are extra valuable.

From marketing to purchase and customer relationship management

E-Commerce isn’t just about the store solution. To be successful, you need a strategy for everything from marketing to conversion, business development and customer relationship management. We are skilled at all these areas, and help you navigate an ever changing world.

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