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Connect systems and web service to automate, streamline and reduce the risk of human error. Not only do you save time but get a higher quality.

Examples of integrations we can help you with are:

  • Integration with accounting systems
  • Integrations between logistics and e-commerce
  • Bespoke adjustments for workflows
  • Custom integrations for your business

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Connect systems and services together to automate, streamline and reduce the risk of human error. Not only do you save time but get a higher quality too.

Let your different systems talk to each other

Do you spend a lot of time moving data between different systems in full or part?

Maybe you are manually moving customers from your CRM-system to the invoicing system? Are your orders in your E-Commerce store handled manually for book keeping?

One of the great advantages of technology is how we can automate sharing of data between different systems. In that way, the right data is sent to the right place automatically, without the risk of human error.

Let the best system do the job

More and more systems come with powerful and flexible APIs built-in. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a way to fetch and write data to and from the system programatically. The advantage is that it is easy to connect several systems together and let them share data.

Therefore, you can choose system that do their specific task best and couple them together to a fantastic holistic system.

Bespoke customization and development

Together with you we create bespoke integrations between your systems to ensure data processing is handled automatically, securely and reliably to fit your needs.

Sometimes we have already done an integration between your two systems, and have one ready to deploy.

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