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Creating professional and effective websites requires an eye for details. Many customers hire us for web development. We’ll help you with, among other things:

  • Creating modern, user oriented websites
  • Websites in WordPress
  • Web Design & Web Development in one
  • Optimized websites for search engines, web analytics and conversion.
  • Complete packages including content and optimization

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Creating professional and effective websites requires an eye for details. Many customers hire us for web development. We craft modern and user-oriented websites, often in WordPress, to help our customers be more successful online.

Web Design

There may be many factors behind a successful website, but the design is undeniably something that stands out.

Or does it? The best web design is something that passes the visitor by. It just works and looks great doing so. A great website design mirrors the rest of the business and is integrated in everything you do. Your new website should have a beautiful design, of course.

Our focus is always on the user, regardless of them being customers, employees or partners. First, we understand the user and your business. Then we create a beautiful design that helps achieve your goals.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly? Of Course!

Gone are the days when you need to put mobile friendly down as a requirement in web development. At least, we think so.

Everything we develop for the web should work whether the user is on Microsoft Edge, Safari och Chrome. Or if they are on an iPhone, iPad or an Android device.

Seeing as most websites are showing statistics of over 50% of visitors coming from tablets or smartphones, we don’t think this is odd. Quite the contrary.

Search Engine Optimization

We allt want to rank as highly as we can in Google’s search results. For us, good search engine optimization (SEO) is a given when producing websites. And we make sure your website is technically SEO-friendly. So that Google can get to know you a better.

Web Analytics

One of the advantages of the web is that we almost always can measure everything. Your website should, of course, be developed so that user behavior can be tracked. Should you want to go deeper in the world of analytics, we gladly assist.


Today we develop many modular solutions. We use all speciality systems that already exist and connect different systems to work together. Such as CRM-systems, member registries, newsletters, booking systems and other business systems.

Content Created For Users

Without content, web development isn’t worth much. “Content is king” they say, and it is clearly hard to debate.

This is we we put a lot of focus on getting the content and structure right first. When we start developing a website we set off to review the content. First, we look what exists already. Then, together, we decide what needs to be on the new website.

Some customers want to manage content themselves. Others want our full help. Most choose to at least let us polish the content they write to fit the web, optimizing it for SEO in the process to increase search engine visibility.

Getting Leads and Increasing Conversion

Your website exist as an important part of your marketing. Of course it needs to be connected to your sales.

In all web design and web development we put the user behavior front and center, optimizing it for conversion. That is, we help the user take your preferred action. Perhaps leaving their info for you to call back, buy a product on the site or register for an evaluation.

Regardless of your preferred action, we help you gain leads, increase conversion and connect your website with other systems such as a CRM.

Maintenance and Operations

For a fixed monthly fee we ensure that your website always is technically updated. This keeps it safe, fast and modern. Our server and operations partners constantly keep the hardware checked and help you quickly, around the clock, should problems arise.


How do I…? We know from experience that our clients wants someone that are available to help sometimes. Some want to be able to pick up the phone and call while others prefer to send an email. Regardless of how, our clients always know that we are there for them.


Being able to work with your website on your own is a freedom. We want you to be able to. Most of our clients choose to book an education session to learn their website. Others go further and learn even more about the web as an ongoing project.

How's the Future Looking?

Just because the first web development part is finished and your new website launched doesn’t mean that we are done.

Many of our clients are wise and make smaller, continuous investments in their website to make it even better.

The main advantage of this is that you increase the value of your website over time. You can always have us at Bernskiold Media close by with a retainer. It can be used for more than just web development, such as web analytics, strategy, search engine optimization and much more. Often we agree on goals that we work continuously against.

Almost always do things in the day-to-day business operations appear that alter the website. It can feel safe to have someone by your side. We look brightly towards the future together with you.

How Does It Work?

We have produced a lot of websites. The experiences from each project we bring to refine our tried process to ensure top quality throughout the entire project.

1. Situation Analysis

Every project start with a situation analysis. Together, we explore your goals to be able to give you a great proposal. Based on this analysis, we can give you a suggested solution and indicate the investment needed.

2. Startup

Having the solution outlined, we are ready to get going. Together with your dedicated project manager we review all details, put together a timeline and make sure that you feel comfortable with the process.

3. Design

From your goals and the specification that we have agreed upon, we carefully create a graphical design. Your feedback is crucial and we work together to a refined design. Simultaneously we start reviewing the website content.

4. Programming

When the design work is finishing, the development phase takes over. Here we craft all functions, develop special solutions, integrations and add content. A fantastic collaboration between our designers and developers.

5. Quality Assurance

Before pushing anything live it is rigorously tested. Bugs will always surface and it is important that all functionality is tested thoroughly. We also ensure that the website looks well in all common browsers and devices.

6. Launch

We launch the website smoothly using our tried-and-tested launch process. Most opt here to schedule a training session and secure future operations with a maintenance agreement, ensuring that the website is always fast and safe.

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