WordPress Maintenance

Your website is critical for your business. Do you want to be worrying about it not working or going offline?

Updated Systems are Secure Systems

All software need updating to be protected against security threats that appear every day. It can be time consuming to make sure that the website always is safely backed up and updated.

Who is going to do the job? Someone has to, and none at your company may have it as their primary task. It takes time away from what you really should be doing.

Let us worry about it for you, so that you don’t have to!

What does the website need?

All websites don’t need the same type of support. Some can risk being offline for a short bit while others just can’t be at all before critically affecting the business.

For these different needs we have our four different packages: Core, Protection, Professional and Enterprise. Each package has a different level of maintenance every month. You can therefore easily choose what your company’s website needs and pay just for that.

If you feel the needs changing, we will change with you.

How does it work?

Every day an automatic backup of the website is made to our secure cloud servers powered by Amazon. Should something happen, we will know right away.

We will also run scheduled updates of WordPress and any plugins. In the unlikely event something does go wrong, we can roll back to the secure backup, without any great downtime. Then we will discuss together how to proceed with the updates securely.

For completely critical sites we run rigorous tests on staging environments before updates are applied to the production environment.