WordPress Performance Optimization

According to Google you loose 20% of your traffic for every 100ms it takes for your website to load. Amazon in turn has discovered that for every extra 100ms, they loose 1% of their sales.

Google factors in load time in their ranking algorithm too. You have everything to gain from improving your website performance. Most importantly, you get more happy customers.

Why is Your Website Slow?

Many websites are slow simply because they aren’t well configured. We can help you first by doing a profiling to see what can be done to optimize your WordPress website’s performance. Following the analysis, we help you do the changes to make sure website both faster and more effective.

Clients who we have helped with WordPress performance optimization typically see at least a 40-50% reduction in loading times on their websites.

To help, we have put together a package with typical performance optimization measures for a standard WordPress website. We analyze and optimize your website to get at least 40% faster for just €600.

And you know what? If we don’t make your site at least 40% faster, we don’t charge you. That’s our promise.

Bespoke Performance Optimization

Some websites need more extensive work to be truly fast. Maybe you have a higher load that we need to consider. Or you have a website where users stay logged with, displaying unique data.

Perhaps just a little more is needed in your case than our standard package has to offer. We can help you, after a thorough analysis, review the different aspects of your website and make it load as quickly as it needs to.

Tips and Tricks for WordPress Performance Optimization

Below are some key issues to get a WordPress website to load quickly. We are glad to assist you with all of these (and more) when doing performance optimization of your WordPress website.


Loading content every time a page loads takes time. By caching pages, they are loaded from memory instead of fresh every time. This has a considerable effect for the end user.

Plugin Profiling

Plugins are wonderful but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Badly coded plugins too can slow down your website. We help you analyze, clean up and replace the bad ones.

Theme Code Optimization

Often there are a lot of things that can be improved in your theme. Especially if it is a common, purchased theme. We review and optimize the code to make it more efficient.

Image Optimization

Usually the slowest loading elements on websites are images. By optimizing them we can reduce their file size with no noticeable effects on image quality.


By distributing static files (images, stylesheets and scripts) on a network of servers around the world, visitors will always download the files from the server closest to them.


Your website is most likely loading several scripts and Stylesheets. By combining these and minifying the code fewer request or lesser sizes need to be made. Thus, your site loads quicker.