Opinionated Content Marketing

Your Content Marketing Must Be Opinionated

Next year it is expected that the world will create and copy over 44 trillion (44,000,000,000,000) gigabytes of data. That’s everything from smartphone photos to blog posts and Netflix streams. A lot of noise to break through.

One strategy will help you break through this noise better than anything else: Be opinionated.

The whole reason for you being in business is that you have a specific take on your industry. There’s something that you believe that you do better.

Readers are drawn to strong opinions because it is easy for them to understand. Plus, it makes it clear that you are all about. That cuts through noise and benefits business.

Why is opinionated content so helpful?

  • It starts conversations and drives engagement.
  • It is shared more
  • It sells products and services – simplicity sells.
  • It establishes your reputation

Everything your business publishes should be opinionated. It has to have your take on it, and you need to dare say it.

Otherwise what’s the point of being in business?

This post originally was sent as the September edition of our insights newsletter to our clients. Sent once a month, it gives our clients the condensed, key insights that they need in digital marketing.

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