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Quality Assurance and Trustworthiness. The two biggest challenges for online services

Outside of my role as Managing Director for Bernskiold Media, I am also a part of the team of Advisors at the Goethe Unibator, an incubator at the Frankfurt University in Germany.

A few times a semester we hold pitch events to select which companies are allowed into the Unibator. Usually, this very topic comes up: Quality Assurance as an online service.

Some people mistakenly believe that it is a fully viable business model to provide a marketplace without any quality assurance, figuring that the market will take care of it. I’m here to make the bold statement that this is (in most cases) wrong.

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Increasing Your Website Sales with Live Chat

Over the past year or so, live chat has become an increasingly popular technology to implement on websites. The goal is that someone who has a question will see the chat box appearing on every page, click it and ask their question so that you can easily lock them in.

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Specialization: A Marketing Concept To Grow Your Business

Marketing, to the uninitiated, is often brought up as a final piece of the puzzle, as something to slap on at the end when the product is developed and ready to go. This view of marketing does not do the field justice. Instead, think of marketing as a complete process that takes part during the entire product development phase, a process with an end result of selling your offering.

One of the key concepts within marketing is specialization. For many small business owners who lack the academic context of the marketing discipline, these concepts are often overlooked. In this article, I will share with you how an understanding this helps you grow your business right away. Continue Reading »