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The Key to Automating Social Media Just Right

As more technology arises to help us automate our lives and free up time, one of the first applications some use is to automate their social media workflows. This can be slightly problematic if done in excess. Let me share why. Continue Reading »


When should I post to my Facebook page?

As with email newsletters, as marketers in this day and age, we are always trying to understand when to best reach our audience. Thankfully, Facebook pages have the native ability to schedule posts to be published when you want without you having to be there. Let’s look at when you should schedule that update. Continue Reading »

Should I be on all social networks?

Usually in a website development project there comes a time to choose which sharing buttons to display (if any) and for many, this is also the time where they review which social media channels they are on. Slightly surprisingly, many decide to go all-in. Let me explain why this might be bad.

Case: Small Business

Let’s look at this from the point of view of a small business or freelancer. For bigger business, things are slightly more complex. Your most limited thing as a small business owner is your time. Chances are you are already doing administration, marketing, business development and more aside from your actually area of business. Daily, you struggle to fit everything you should be doing into your calendar.

Time is limited

Time is where an “all-in strategy” fails completely and is also the best argument why you should not attempt to be on all social networks simply because they exist. No customer is going to thank you for just having an account and making the spontaneous post. No following is going to come from this—quite the opposite. Continue Reading »