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How To Find Blog Post Ideas? Repurpose & Expand Your Existing Content

Finding ideas for blogging can be exhausting. You sit there, know that there is an article due tomorrow but you just can’t find anything good to write about.

In fact, that is exactly what your writer is doing right now. There are several tricks to get you out of this immediate problem of finding topics to write about, even when you have no apparent inspiration. One of these tricks is to repurpose your existing, old content. Continue Reading »


Writing for the Web — A Primer for Small Businesses

Communication is one of the trickiest undertaking, yet is exactly what we are doing when we create a website. We want to communicate how the client can benefit from using our product or service.

Most small businesses tend to view the website as a nice frame, plus an area with body copy. This is a problematic approach as it infers that the content itself is not very important. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Content, as they say, is king. Continue Reading »